What to put on a resume

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In the description of this work, use verbs in the present tense, for example, I work, I design; accordingly, when describing previous jobs, use past tense verbs Clearly highlight the necessary headings Make sure your resume is in the same style. Be consistent: if you used the abbreviation once, use it throughout the resume (but it’s better to give all the names in full, the employer may not decipher your abbreviation) Avoid long phrases and tricky words that make it difficult to quickly perceive information

14) Well, if you want to just “kill outright” your employer, you can do the following. Enter his image, imagine yourself in the place of the employer, feel his wishes, his requirements for the applicant and, being in this image, once again, very critical re-read your resume! Is there something in him that prevents you, as an employer, from making an appointment to this candidate If everything is fine, then congratulations! You will surely pass the selection on the resume and get into the circle of the elect, who are invited to an interview. How to pass an interview is a separate story, but there it is already easier, because you can clarify the requirements for a vacancy and “act on the situation” during the conversation. Yes, and a good impression is much easier to make in person, than by email. In addition, using the advice on the selection of business clothes, you can “from the start” earn a few bonus points just for its perfect appearance.

If you are sending a resume to a foreign company, then even if you do not know a foreign language, do not be too lazy to perform a high-quality translation of your resume and send your resume in two languages ​​at once! Understand one simple thing your candidacy will still be coordinated with the central office. And if you immediately send a version of your resume in a foreign language, then the personnel department will not have to translate it, and you can immediately send it for approval of your candidacy. In this simple way, you increase your chances at least 50 times! Sample Resume. Of course, the same requirements for design, literacy and stylistic unity are applied to the resume in a foreign language as for the resume in the native language.

Your entire work biography. In fact, your potential employer is only interested in the last 3-5 jobs and a period of not more than 10 years. Your physical data (except for those vacancies where this is important); Your photo (making a good impression with your appearance is better at the interview); The reasons why you left work; Salary Requirements Such issues are best discussed in person. And, before making demands, first make sure that your employer is at least interested in you