How to create a resume

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Answering the question of how to write a resume is not difficult. Today there are a lot of services, sites and recommendations that will help you with this. But I decided to go further and give not just instructions on how to write a resume, but also give some powerful chips that will help you stand out from your competitors. Create a resume this is not enough. Correctly making a resume is not enough either. The summary should be made in such a way that you will be noticed among the general abundant flow of competitors.

The trouble is that people write a resume for a carbon copy. On the one hand, there are certain rules for preparing a resume, but on the other hand, it is important to have an individual handwriting. How to create a resume to get noticed read below Why do you think resume is the main tool when looking for a job? What do you usually write about in your resume? Newcomers to my seminars usually say that resumes are an attempt to express themselves and their advantages. Then I ask them to list their advantages, to which usually 90% of people cite the following characteristics: Practically everyone in compiling lists the same benefits. ATTENTION! These are all standard, template phrases that you need to get rid of if you want to stand out from the background of your competitors. To get you better thought of pseudo advantages I will say differently. This is all nonsense! Banal nonsense, which is difficult for someone to catch and interest. But what and how to write about your benefits? Below I will show you what kind of killer chips you need to use, but first let me tell you one little story: When I worked as an advertising manager in one of the companies, the director of a shop of finishing materials invited me to his office and informed me that they were starting an action a sale of interior doors. He asked me to make such an announcement, so that when he saw it, people immediately wanted to buy everything.

I then listened with irony. And already in my office I presented for a moment that if I could write such announcements, I would probably live somewhere in the Canary Islands or Maldives now and enjoy life, having a huge amount of money in the bank. Just imagine for a moment what would happen to you if you could make such announcements, looking at which people wanted to buy everything at once. You would probably be the richest man on earth. But, you know, then over the years I understood the hidden meaning of this phrase. Maybe because of my youth, I literally took it then. But then in life, this phrase helped me a lot and continues to help.

Now, when I am writing a commercial offer to someone, or are making an announcement, or even when I fill out my resume, I try to make it in such a way that, having looked at it, the employer will immediately want to hire me. The most important thing is using this phrase to try to adjust yourself to the desired mode. I noticed that when I sit down to fill out my resume and insist on this installation, the head starts to work from a different angle. I get completely different phrases and sentences, the very essence of the summary changes somewhat and the output is a completely different option than without this setting. Conclusions: when you make your resume, you should write about your advantages not with standard, template phrases, but to bring such arguments, having studied that your potential employer immediately wanted to hire you. Believe it works and it is told to you by a person who has passed a tough selection among dozens of candidates for such positions as head of lending to a bank and head of sales in a wholesale company.