How to buld a resume

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I recommend you to use the most readable resume area in order to maximize the employer. There I try to point out everything that sets me apart from competitors. So, how to make a summary of the standard rules, but using the “selling” elements. The most delicious part of a resume, which most often falls on the eyes of employers, is the area that goes right after your contact details. Usually this is the first half of the first page. And I have major life achievements placed there.

That only people do not insert there. Most often they write about the education they received, which for me personally plays the last role. Moreover, both for an applicant who has never had a higher education, but who managed to become a bank manager, as well as for an employer who, when applying for a job, always looked not at the presence of certain crusts, but at real cases and facts. So, if you look at my example, then immediately after contacts I have my main life achievements. This is the most delicious part of the resume. If you are able in this part to interest the employer, then the chances that he will review your resume to the end will be much higher. And our goal is to encourage him to review your resume to the end with all available methods, to interest him so that he will invite you for an interview.

Step 5. We indicate the previous places of work, and it must be done in reverse chronological order. That is, first of all, indicate your last place of work, then the last but one, and so on. Step 6. After you have entered your work experience, add some data about your education. Step 7. Immediately after this, indicate the courses you studied and the trainings completed. List all that can be called additional education. Step 8. Indicate which languages ​​you speak. If only one, then you do not need to write about it. Or, if you own Russian and Tatar, then there is also no need to indicate this only if you do not find a job in a company where everyone speaks Tatar.

Step 9. Write as far as you are an experienced computer user. And also write what professional programs you own from those that can be useful to you when performing work. Step 10. Complete the section with additional information. There, I usually insert information that I have my car and category B rights. This is especially true if your work is related to movement. In addition, I indicate people who can recommend me. And just a few words about myself, about what I do in my free time and what my interests are.