How many pages should a resume be

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Remember, you should always have your resume at hand. It must be carefully compiled. It must be regularly and promptly, in accordance with the requirements of the new work, to make adjustments it’s not known how urgent it may be needed, because the rule “Forge the iron while it is hot!” no one has yet canceled. “Adjust” the resume text for each vacancy.

First of all, keep in mind that your resume will be read by a person who knows nothing about you. It is best to send a resume by e-mail or fill out the site, you can bring in person. Try not to use fax the state of most fax machines, and therefore the type of resume can be assessed as “mediocre”. Remember, an electronic resume will not always look different from the standard one. Secondly, the resume must be typed on a computer, preferably in the MS-Word editor (save in .rtf format), look professional and presentable. It is not recommended to submit a photocopy, only the first copy, printed on white paper, preferably on a laser printer. Provide a photo on demand (mostly recruitment agencies). Volume no more than one and a half pages. Third, indicate the vacancy or position you are applying for. Call only those positions that are required by the company.

Fourthly, give a large font the surname, name, patronymic, date of birth and the number of full years. Contact details are required: home, cell or business phone with the city code. It will not be superfluous to specify the e-mail address and pager number. Home address with zip code, up to the house and apartment number, in order to send you a message about the vacancy by mail, if you do not guarantee perfect work of the phone. You must report your marital status. Do not write about civil marriages, divorces Mention the presence of children in the event that their age or state of health will affect the work schedule and productivity. If there are no children, this should be noted.

Fifth, write only about education that influences the perception of a resume as a whole. The year of entering and graduating from the technical school, university, etc., the full name of the educational institution and the city where it is located, the faculty and the specialty indicated in the diploma are written. Form of study: evening, correspondence, full-time. Separately courses and other forms of training. Do not overstate the level of knowledge of a foreign language.